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There is no one “most popular field of law” in Southern California. The entertainment industry is certainly a big one, but what about tourism? Environmentalism? Medicine? Law in Southern California is like fine wine—to name one “most popular” would be to eliminate far too many palettes and practices.

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So, if there are expected to be many law firms whose areas of expertise vary based on what is needed of them, what does this mean for litigation firms? Unlike small towns like Buford, Wyoming, these legal resources have to be well-versed in a wide variety of areas of practice to keep the attention of demanding law firms.

Abrams, Mah & Kahn Reporting (AMK) didn’t get the title of Irvine’s top court reporting firm for over 25 years passively. They became the best of the best by taking into account the needs of their clients, and applying it to their firm. AMK Reporting could get by offering court reporting professionals that specialize in a handful of areas of practice—let’s say, corporate law, employment and labor law, and personal injury law—but AMK doesn’t stop there. These Irvine court reporters cover all areas of practice—the aforementioned, certainly, but also education law, international law, copyright law, and so much more.

This doesn’t mean that AMK wouldn’t cover these areas of practices before, but what it does mean is that attorneys and paralegals in these fields don’t have to worry about filling their litigation in with all the nuances, terminology and special aspects of their area of practice. AMK’s staff is fluent in each area of practice in which they practice, making them a valuable addition to each and every litigation team they are a part of.

Though AMK holds the title of a court reporting firm, these legal professionals have so much more to offer their clients. No matter the litigation service of preference, AMK Reporting can provide their clients with the quality they need. Be it litigation support, transcripts, or any other legal service under the sun, the dedicated staff at AMK can fulfill that need.

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“Variety is great when it comes to a court reporting firm,” Michael Tristan Petrone of Cooper City says. “Being able to offer a number of services for a number of areas of practice can rake in a lot of business, but in some cases, too much variety can cause problems. Abrams, Mah & Kahn Reporters found a way to balance quality with that wide array of services available, making them one of the most dynamic firms in Orange County.”

The key to finding that balance is genuine care for not only the work a firm is doing, but the clients they are serving. Not all firms have that, but AMK does. No matter how big the case or how many services are booked, AMK treats each client like they are their only client—devoting to them the utmost respect and attention. Quality service brings clients back, but genuine mindfulness creates loyal clients.

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