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(West Palm Beach, Florida) May 16, 2019

Academy Medical is pleased to announce that one of their vendor partners, curasan, has been added to Academy Medical’s DAPA agreement. With curasan now available on Academy Medical’s DAPA contract, veterans and active military personal and their families can receive quality medical care including new and innovative therapies.

Curasan is a company dedicated to developing and manufacturing medical devices for wound healing, osteoarthritis therapy, and bone and tissue regeneration—with a specialization in biomimetic bone grafting materials. These materials provide innovative solutions to dental, orthopedic, spinal, and oral/maxillofacial applications.

Academy Medical are dedicated to providing medical professionals and facilities high quality supplies and equipment they need, at fair and reasonable prices. The company’s status as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) makes that goal all the easier. SDVOSBs have top priority positioning with government purchasing agents, which is a major advantage to their vendor network and in turn, provides an opportunity to supply the VA and DoD with the medical supplies they need to treat our military heros.


“All governmental agencies, not only the DoD and VA, are coming under more and more scrutiny with respect to their spend as it relates to the return on their spend,” Ryan Isham, VP of Med/Surg at Academy Medical says. “…As a result of the increased review of departmental spending, we are seeing both the VA and the DoD transition away from the ‘open market’ platform towards more contracting…By increasing the utilization of contracting vehicles, the government medical procurement process can save money – while not negatively impacting the quality of care.”

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