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new-anderson-logoToday’s lawyers are facing new challenges in their work. New ideas and technology can play an important role in meeting those challenges so that lawyers can best take advantage of their time and talents. Ohio court reporters at Anderson Reporting are there to help lawyers work more efficiently and effectively by using a wide range of new tools.


Videoconferencing, realtime reporting, online repositories, and other tools can help lawyers approach their case work in new ways. In particular, video has come to play an important role in the legal arena. Today’s media-savvy jurors are becoming more conditioned to seeing video and other types of media in the courtroom. Columbus court reporting firms can offer a number of ways to bring video into the case, whether it is highly produced day-in-the-life videos or video depositions that offer a way for the viewer to better evaluate the deponent.

These tools can be used at the core of remote work that can include depositions and collaborations with other lawyers. They help lawyers bridge the distance between their firms and the people who are important to their cases.

New challenges in the legal profession require new, technology based approaches.

Anderson offers a complete range of services to help lawyers meet the changing needs of their casework, including:

  • Nationwide Scheduling
  • Legal Videography
  • Videoconferencing
  • Trial Presentation
  • Photography
  • Video Marketing
  • Media Writing Solutions

nationwide-schedulingLawyers who visit the area also need to have confidence that they will receive the highest level of litigation support. When they search for Columbus court reporting companies, Anderson emerges as a leader because this experienced team can offer a number of tools that can help lawyers wherever their work takes them. Visiting attorneys can also work in the fully equipped conference room that are the perfect setting for a wide range or legal work.

Innovative ideas and new technology are available to today’s attorneys that can help them work in new ways. This allows them to better serve their clients.