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As lawyers face new challenges, they turn to experienced Bakersfield court reporters to meet the evolving demands of today’s casework.

In the last decade, our world has become far more interconnected. The internet has created a new environment where people can communicate and interact over long distances. While our world has gotten smaller, it has also presented the need for lawyers to work on a larger scale. An interconnected world means many cases can include elements far outside of the law firm’s market, requiring new and innovative approaches.

This technology also means that many cases can have witnesses around the country, and negotiations can include parties separated by hundreds or thousands of miles.

Using Video to Work Across California

Video is one form of new media that can be leveraged into results in the legal field.

Coupled with vast connectivity, a camera can bridge distances as lawyers work on their cases.

Bakersfield court reporters can give attorneys a way to connect with their cases in Southern California, which is a bustling area that is a hub for the legal profession. Being able to connect remotely gives attorneys around the country another tool to work their cases. Video capability adds a new dimension to casework. By being able to see a deponent over a broadcast-quality connection, the lawyer can better evaluate the truthfulness of the deponent and adjust accordingly. Additionally, this same added dimension can be crucial in the courtroom with videos of depositions, giving jurors a way to better weigh the credibility of a witness.

“Broadcast quality connections save time and money”

kelehersUsing live legal video, chat capability, and professionally prepared transcripts from the best Fresno court reporters allow lawyers to save time lost through travel to and from the area, which in some cases can save days on case preparation and litigation work. It also means that lawyers can often save money. A secure, broadcast-quality connection can offer a vast improvement over a telephonic deposition for example, and can be a viable alternative to travel in many cases.

Utilizing these tools, lawyers around the country are connected to Southern California. They are able to use this technology to participate in negotiations, depositions, arbitration and other meetings where they can be a part of the proceedings. Using this chat capability, they can even communicate with counsel in the room. This gives lawyers an unrivaled ability to collaborate with co-counsel, even on sweeping civil cases with lawyers and witnesses in multiple cities.

Solution Oriented Litigation Support

Decorative Scales of Justice in the CourtroomIn today’s legal world cases can sometimes take on global dimensions and Bakersfield court reporting services give attorneys a way to stay ahead of their demanding caseloads. They also offer experienced professionals who are solution-driven and can help lawyers integrate new technology and ideas into every aspect of their casework. They work to remain ahead of the fast-changing court reporting technology that is redefining the role of the court reporter as well as opening new doors to today’s attorneys.