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coashEstablished in 1981 by certified court reporters Gerard T Coash and Meri Coash, Coash & Coash Inc. has been proudly serving the Phoenix, Arizona legal community for over twenty years. They and their team of experienced reporters are Registered Merit Reporters (RMR) with various levels of certifications received from the country’s National Court Reporter Association (NCRA). With a selection of court reporting resources to choose from, Coash and Coash provide today’s legal professionals with a vital expertise in court reporting services that meet every reporting need and requirement.

21st Century Conveniences

Downtown-Phoenix-ArizonaOne call will give you complete access to their full repertoire of litigation support services. From court reporting and legal videography to interactive real-time streaming and an online repository, Coash and Coash use their years of combined experiences to provide every court reporting amenity for your team. Their integration of the latest hardware and software (such as DepoView and YesVideo) are excellent tools for trial preparation and courtroom evidentiary displays. Coash and Coash Inc. are proud to say that their Phoenix court reporters display professionalism in both dress and action, providing top-notch litigation services to all of their clients.

Expedited and Electronic Transcripts

computer-typingThe team at Coash & Coash Inc also provides the additional service of electronic transcripts. Thanks to their integration of modern technologies, their experienced team of Pheonix court reporters are able to provide instantaneous draft transcripts along with a fast turn around for certified final transcripts. Final transcripts are full-featured and include tamper-proof electronic signatures, multiple easy to read formats, searchable indexing, hyperlinked exhibits and more. Designed to be compatible with every computer on today’s market, Coash and Coash’s electronic transcripts are the epitome of organized convenience.