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It may not be totally apparent, but our worlds revolve around the technology available to us. New tech is developed every day to make our jobs more efficient and our lives easier. Take phone calls, for instance. What was once reserved for emergencies is now used for every day instances—like calling to see if a restaurant is open, or asking if a loved one can stop by the store before coming home.

The same goes for all industries. Equipment is developed to help medical professionals save lives. New computer technology is harnessed to help law enforcement track down criminals, but also to help professionals at the post office stay organized.

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Though many may not even consider it, technology has a massive influence on how court reporting firms operate. Firms that do not keep up to date cannot keep up with the clients demands, and ultimately go out of business. It is an unfortunate truth many firms are forced to face.

Beovich, Walter, & Friend (BWF) Court Reporters have a full understanding of what this means. After 60 years of business, the Portland court reporters at BWF have learned to shape and mold their business around the needs of the clients—which more often than not involves updated and new technologies.

The firm started as a top-tier court reporting service. At its bones, that is what BWF is. The company still prides itself on its high standards of speed, accuracy, efficiency, and quality of customer service, but the court reporting firm has now blossomed into a full-service litigation firm.

Attorneys and paralegals in the Pacific Northwest no longer have to scour their area to find varying firms that can satisfy each and every one of their needs. When looking for a quality videography service, BWF offers recording materials that will ensure crisp audio and video every time. When a conference room is needed for remote and streamed meetings, the setting will always be professional and the Wi-Fi will be high-speed. When a client needs a transcript of their deposition synced to video, BWF does this with the latest technology so their client can get the file back as soon as possible.

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For the professionals at Beovich, Walter, & Friend, it’s all about client experience. Their dedication to providing clients with a superior litigation service is what keeps business booming, and ultimately, what keeps the firm relevant in the 21st century.

To learn more about Beovich, Walter, & Friend, call (503) 228-7201, email, or visit their offices.

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