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Eagle Arts Academy Charter School for the Arts is a public non-profit charter school that focuses on combining the arts in its core curriculum through a special program called Artademixs. Unique to Eagle Arts Academy, it provides resources for an arts focus within the core studies of reading, math, science, and language arts by engaging the students in a wide variety of reading selections, group projects, art-based performance assessments, and interdisciplinary learning.

Founder Gregory James Blount


Founder Gregory James Blount

With two convenient Palm Beach County locations in both Boca Raton and Wellington, Florida, Eagle Arts Academy has set itself up as one of the largest charter schools in the county. As an experienced professional in the entertainment industry, Eagle Arts Academy founder Gregory Blount has had a successful working relationship with people from Walt Disney Studios and Universal Studios, and uses these connections to keep the school’s curriculum on the pulse of the arts industry.

Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity

arts1Based upon the teachings and beliefs of Walt Disney, this 21st century program pioneered by Blount works on infusing the arts into education in order to properly develop a child’s 4 C’s: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Eagle Arts Artademixs curriculum is set up in a way that gives the optimum time and attention to each student, allowing for any child to experience the full potential of the program. Thanks to their style of looping teachers with students of each grade level, it is guaranteed that the proper amount of time and attention will be put towards your child’s educational and emotional needs. performingarts1Furthermore, the school aims to add a more specific focus on particular artistic skills with its 40-minute-a-day extra-curricular program in either the performing arts or the production arts.

Details about these programs and more can be found on the school website at