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Fix Your Sinuses of West Palm Beach Offers Revolutionary Treatment | Business Trend Watch
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balloon-sinuplasty-schematicMillions of Americans suffer from debilitating sinus issues. Chronic sinusitis is occasionally treated with medication, but for some people even the relief from those options is fleeting. When over-the-counter and prescription medications fail to offer an appreciable relief, many people seek other solutions.

Balloon sinuplasty offers relief for people dealing with chronic sinus pain

A new procedure called balloon sinuplasty is offering relief for patients, and it is offered at Fix Your Sinuses of West Palm Beach. The procedure is built around the life-saving technology that is commonly used to treat cardiac patients to instead offer lasting relief from chronic sinus pain. The procedure involves using a catheter and balloon to open sinus passages, promoting proper sinus drainage.


Dr. Schwartz


Dr. Zito

At Fix Your Sinuses, Dr. Michael Schwartz and Dr. Joseph Zito offer this groundbreaking treatment. This team of West Palm Beach balloon sinuplasty doctors offers this procedure and a wide range of options to help alleviate sinus pain. Dr. Schwartz was one of the first pioneering doctors to receive training in this procedure, and Dr. Zito has expertise with many different otolaryngological procedures and treatments.

Balloon sinuplasty offers many advantages over other surgical options used to treat sinus issues:

  • Local Anesthetic—this broadens the number of patients who might be eligible for the procedure, including those who cannot be under a general anesthetic.
  • Short Recovery Times— This procedure offers shorter recovery times than some sinus procedures. This enables the patient to get back to their normal routine in a day or two.
  • Comfort— The procedure is performed in a doctor’s office and not a hospital, helping patients avoid some of the anxiety.
  • Patient Satisfaction— Many patients who have undergone the procedure would recommend it to family and friends.
  • Lower Cost— The procedure may offer lower out-of-pocket balloon sinuplasty cost for many patients because of the lower cost-of-care since the procedure is performed in a doctor’s office.

One innovation in balloon sinuplasty that sets Fix Your Sinuses apart from other Palm Beach ear, nose and throat practices is PROPEL technology.

propel-sinusPROPEL is an important new addition to the array of technology used in balloon sinuplasty in Palm Beach. It is a dissolvable stent that can be used to hold the nasal passages open after the procedure. As the stent dissolves, it releases anti-inflammatory drugs that can help reduce the risk of some of the complications that can arise from the procedure.

In clinical trials, PROPEL has been shown safe and is the only sinus surgery product proven with level 1-A evidence as to its effectiveness and safety. It reduces scarring, inflammation, and polyps while also lowering the need for oral steroid medication or further surgery.


To learn more about balloon sinuplasty, contact Fix Your Sinuses today:

1411 North Flagler Drive Suite 7600

West Palm Beach, FL 33401



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