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One of the oldest law firms in the Washington D.C. area, and frankly the United States, has to know what it takes to make a well-qualified and responsive court reporter. It takes someone who is accurate, someone who is timely, someone with experience, and someone who works with their clients to help their case be the most successful version of itself. These are the type of people that Gore Brothers Reporting and Videoconferencing offer to their clientele.

Customer Service that Brings Clients Back

Clients refer to Gore Brothers Reporting as “the best of the best.” Where other firms fail clients, Gore Brothers Reporting exceeds expectations. A number of testimonials applaud the firm’s professionalism, their speed, and their accommodative nature.

This is clearly reflected by the many scheduling options Gore Brothers Reporting offers. A client can call their offices, certainly, but for those on the go, Gore Brothers provide not one, but three mobile scheduling options. For a deposition, a client selects that option, fills in their information, and submits. If the client specifically needs a video conference, a second tab is offered. The deposition checklist allows clients to outline the specific nature of their case and any special requests, then email the form to

Litigation Services that Win Cases

While court reporters are necessary for all cases, there are many other aspects law professionals need. That is why Gore Brothers Reporting offers a variety of litigation services: videoconferencing, trial presentation, full-service conference rooms, and a number of other options. Gore Brothers Reporting also covers a large number of areas of practice, from criminal law to sports and entertainment law. The firm is proud to not only offer their services t that state of Maryland, but Washingon D.C. and Virginia as well. Any type of lawyer with any type of case can come to Gore Brothers Reporting and have their needs fulfilled.

Gore Brothers Reporting knows that court reporting is essential to a successful case. While TV shows and films often characterize court reporters as silent players in the court room, their involvement keeps a court room on track and properly performing. Without a timely and efficient court reporter, lawyers would be unable to call back on an earlier comment made by the opposing party, and judges wouldn’t have the full text to look back on in order to make a proper decision. Gore Brothers Reporting understand this need, which is why they have been dedicated to providing the best litigation services for over half a century in the Washington D.C. area.

To contact Gore Brothers Reporting, call (410) 837-3027, email, or visit one of their many locations.

36 South Charles Street, Suite 2002, Baltimore, MD 21201