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Gore Brothers is a leader in solution-based services for today’s top attorneys in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia.

Baltimore court reporters at Gore Brothers Reporting and Videoconferencing are providing the legal community with access to the technology that is helping legal practices operate more efficiently and effectively from case preparation through trial. They can also provide attorneys with professional litigation support to help them stay ahead of diverse forms of information that are useful to their case.

Gore Brothers has a reputation rooted in the past, and technology geared towards the future.

For more than 50 years, Gore Brothers has been a fixture in the legal community in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., staying ahead of the changing technology that has become an increasingly central part of the court reporting field. Gore Brothers offers many services including:

  • Court Reporters- Realtime and traditional court reporters throughout Maryland, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, nationwide and worldwide.
  • Video Conferencing- Full-service videoconference rooms connecting worldwide from 6 locations throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C. accommodating up to 24 people.
  • Scheduling and Expert Support Resources- Coast-to-coast scheduling of videoconference rooms, court reporters, legal videographers, interpreters, service of process, and more.
  • Video and Transcript Synchronization- With software to enable viewing and editing.
  • Video Streaming- Secure video and/or transcript streaming to an unlimited number of participants to view from anywhere a high-speed internet connection is available.
  • Trial Presentation and Equipment Rental- Animations, video editing, digitizing, equipment rental and professional in-trial IT support.
  • CD and Tape Transcription- All formats.


Video is one form of new media that can be leveraged into results in the legal field.

Video is one form of new media that can be leveraged into results in the legal field.

The internet has become an important tool for legal professionals, and court reporting professionals can utilize this technology to help attorneys connect over great distances without the burden of travel. Video depositions and conferencing allows the attorney to avoid the time and expense that comes with leaving their practice, and it can also be used to unite the attorney with support teams when they decide to conduct their work in person.

Managing Multimedia Case Materials

Document storage also can be an important tool for the traveling attorney. Legal teams can now work collaboratively on documents that are stored online via password-protected portals. This also means the attorney does not ever have to worry about not having the materials needed to serve clients. Lawyers can find what they need from any location equipped with internet access.

Because of the multimedia world we live in, case presentation has become more important than ever before. New immersive technologies are giving juries new ways to absorb information and see attorney’s cases, meaning that they often have lasting impressions that they take into the deliberating room.

gore-brothersBaltimore court reporting firms like Gore Brothers are helping to shape the legal environment in Austin with new technology and new ideas that are helping law firms achieve more inside the courtroom and out for their clients.