Gregory James Blount Brings Vision to Arts Education


For more than two decades, Gregory James Blount has worked inside the entertainment industry as a model and as a publisher, and has a wealth of experience and contacts to draw on as he helps young, talented people and their families reach their goals.

Blount’s firm, Soundtree Entertainment is a South Florida full-service production company that works on several projects including television and film, photo shoots, talent development, and other areas. The firm evolved from producing concerts, and now works in many areas of the business. Soundtree currently has several projects in pre-production.

gregory-james-blountGregory has also written an indispensable guide for aspiring talent and their parents. “Talent 101— The Guide to Breaking into the Entertainment Industry and Not Get Scammed” has been featured on several film commission websites including the Palm Beach Film Office. He shares his experience inside the industry to help families answer common questions as they work to develop their talented child, and it also useful for the talent as they chart their own path.

But developing paths for talent is only one way that he is helping young people grow. As the founder of Eagle Arts Academy, Blount is working to ensure than an artistic dimension remains a part of the classroom environment.

Walt Disney felt that art in the classroom could be an important way to help inspire creativity in students, and recent studies have confirmed Disney’s vision. In 2013, Gregory James Blount was awarded the charter for Eagle Arts Academy, where art education has been adapted to meet the needs of today’s students.

art-education-in-the-classroomAt Eagle Arts Academy, music and art compliment math, science, and language arts. The Artademixs curriculum integrates the arts into the every aspect of the core subjects, which brings a new passion and fosters curiosity and creativity in students.

By working to identify ways to incorporate the arts into the curriculum, the faculty and staff at Eagle Arts Academy have found ways to develop more well-rounded students. Students are also exposed to performing arts like music, drama, and dance as well as production arts like creative writing, photography, and journalism.

Infusing arts into the classroom is an innovative approach that gets results, enhancing the student’s chances of ultimately gaining admission to college and increasing the chances of the student getting a degree. The product is a new generation of adults that is not only accomplished but also in possession of a unique perspective on the world around them thanks to the view provided by a well rounded arts education.



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