Hanbleceya Seattle and Hanbleceya San Diego Provide Effective Treatment for Mental Health Disorders

Treatment of mental health disorders often does not come easily, because of the social stigma associated with mental health issues. However, an innovative company, Hanbleceya, offers patients and their families outpatient treatments for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, personality disorders and other behavioral and mental disorders in a community setting. Patients temporarily stay at residential facilities while receiving therapy and counseling at separate treatment centers.  The company offers treatment for those suffering from mental disorders in both the San Diego area and the Seattle area. The company’s dual treatment ventures, Hanbleceya San Diego and Hanbleceya Seattle, each provides often desperate families with much-needed treatment and hope to help their loved ones lead healthy and productive lives and break free of the mental issue or issues that have kept them from reaching their full potential.

Hanbleceya involves patients’ families in helping patients recover and change their behaviors. Patients learn to manage their symptoms and change their behaviors while living in the facilities’ nearby residences. Through consultation with patients’ families and loves ones, Hanbleceya’s staff and care providers help patients’ break their bad habits, change their behaviors and learn to function productively in society.

Patients learn independent living skills and social skills while they temporarily reside in Hanbleceya-owned homes and facilities with other patients. These experiences prepare patients to re-integrate into society and function in the real world. Patients learn how to take care of themselves, live responsibly and share their space with other patients as they reside in homes.

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