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Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief Honoring Las Carnitas owners Mr. and Mrs. Tony Baday

Partnerships between local government and small businesses rarely get as poetic and powerful as those created by Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief. Her Broward Means Business Initiative brings attention to small local businesses across the Fort Lauderdale and Broward County metropolitan areas through tactical social media releases, personal appearances and official government channels.

The Sophistication of a Local Politician’s Social Media Presence

So far, so good. What makes Mayor Sharief’s work so powerful is how she integrates the above methods into her personal life and appearances. By taking her family to a local hispanic restaurant, for example, she puts her money where her politics are. By taking photos at these appearances and publishing them on her personal Facebook page, Sharief is integrating her personal life with her job as Mayor of one of Florida’s most prosperous and populous counties.

The recent visit to Las Carnitas, a local Spanish restaurant, to honor them as a preferred “Broward Means Business” recipient brought together a happy group of small business owners in the Facebook post.

Mayor Barbara Sharief’s Broward Means Business Pinterest Board

Mayor Sharief then takes the photos from her appearances and transmits them onto her social media network. By using Pinterest in an engaging way that highlights local establishments, for example, Barbara Sharief is able to multi-task her online presence while promoting her initiatives and policies in a way that provides a win-win for her constituents in the process.


The result is a provocative, engaging and powerful synthesis of good old-fashioned political appearances with digital media dissemination in a way that highlights the Broward County Mayor’s political savvy and sincerity in one social media swoop!