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(Newport Beach, California)

Digital Photography has evolved since the days of the 1 mega-pixel photo and the $10,000 Digital SLR. Today, with smartphones and high-end cameras on the iphone and Samsung Galaxy, consumer photography in the digital realm has improved. Thanks to new optics and faster processing, just about anyone can snap a cute and fun photo, post it on instagram and create a following.

The ubiquity of digital photography doesn’t mean, however, that all photos are created equally. The truth is, even with improved digital resolution on smartphones, the average consumer snapshot is still no match for a professionally-made image. This is where The Dorian Media Group in Newport Beach has carved an especially strong presence in the crowded field of online branding. Their team of creatives, many of them photographers, created scintillating portraits and commercial images for their clients. Since The Dorian Group is also a website developer, social media marketer, and online presence builder, their use of original high-resolution images is transmitted across their proprietary platform and across all content for their clients.

The Dorian Media Group: Kurvana Campaign

This means clients are able to integrate unique, signature photos rather than stock images for all their Facebook and Twitter posts, web content and email marketing campaigns. The results make a grand statement for small and middle-sized companies (with less than 100 employees) who want to make an impact and edge into territory with much larger competitors.

Dorian Media Group Founder and President Evan Dorian explains the philosophy behind his team’s creative use of digital photography:

“Since I am a professional photographer and I see great photography as an art form I always wanted to integrate the demanding standards of image-making with original marketing and branding campaigns for our clients. Since we are committed to high-end marketing for all of our clients, be they national and global brands like Versace or local businesses like Kate King Jewelry. This gives our clients a strong presence that helps them stand out among competitors.”

The Dorian Media Group: Kate King Campaign

Dorian Group campaigns include photography, social media and web development projects for brands as diverse as The Eddy Company, Manscaped and Ferragamo.

What separates the Dorian photos and campaigns from competitors and most standard commercial photography is the artistry and imagination behind the lighting, costumes and choices of models. Since the company is located in the Southern California area, it creates an elusive fantasy world with luxurious backdrops and golden palettes of illumination for many of its photos, all of which contribute to an aura of elegance for clients.