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Court reporting is a quintessential part of the world of law. Where attorneys are the face of the legal industry, court reporters are the backbone. These legal professionals are responsible for documenting the proceedings of a court room or deposition on a stenograph. The machine records words phonetically, but when knowledgeable with it, the user can record over 200 words per minute. Someone without these skills would not be able to record nearly as many words in even half the time—and certainly not with the same accuracy as a certified court reporter.

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Timeliness, accuracy, and efficiency are key aspects to the job. Attorneys and paralegals need services completed quickly, as the world of law is fast paced. Their transcripts need to be as perfect as possible to ensure that justice be swift. These documents need to be delivered in the proper format, so no time is wasted on the attorney’s end. With such a difficult job on the hands of attorneys and paralegals, it is crucial court reporters remove some of that stress by providing quality service.

In Columbus, Ohio, one court reporting firm truly knows what this responsibility all means. For decades now, Anderson Reporting has been an independently-owned and operated court reporting firm. While some may not realize the advantage to working with an independent firm, there are clear differences when it comes to this type of ownership. With a firm like Anderson Reporting, clients receive fantastic customer service and commitment to their work, no matter how big or small the case. The staff recognizes clients as individuals, not numbers that rack up a paycheck. Firms owned by mega-corporations will not give clients anywhere near the same attention to detail that they receive with Anderson Reporting.

It is her dedication to the fine details and customer service that inspired firm president Gayle Anderson to open her own court reporting firm. She understands the grind legal professionals work through in the world of law, and it was her mission to make that grind a little less strenuous. Each Columbus court reporter is among some of the best court reporters in the nation, allowing clients to schedule a service without having to worry about whether or not that service will deliver on each and every one of their needs.

But Anderson Reporting is much more than a court reporting firm. On top of offering a variety of court reporting specialists to better serve a number of areas of practice, Anderson Reporting is a full-fledged litigation firm. Clients can come to Anderson for any litigation service under the sun. In need of quality legal videography? Anderson has you covered. What about trial presentation? Anderson can help you with that. Media writing solutions? That’s not a problem for Anderson Reporting.

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“After so many years in the game, the professionals at Anderson Reporting have really figured out what works and what doesn’t,” Brandon Bell, an expert from O’Fallon, Illinois, says. “They stick to what their clients need, and adapt their services around those needs. That is key to building a superb court reporting firm.”

For decades now, Anderson Reporting has been that reporting firm that attorneys and paralegals can trust with each and every one of their cases. As one of the founding members of the NNRC, clients will work with some of the most timely, accurate, and efficient reporters in the country.

For more information about Anderson Reporting, call (800) 753-0289, email, or visit their offices.

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