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Dr. Angelo Thrower is a unique dermatologist within the Miami community for many reasons.  Nationally recognized as the Miami Heat Team Physician, Dr. Thrower has developed a practice and a series of skin and hair care products that specialize in treatments for men and women from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Dr. Angelo Thrower

As a medical doctor in the field of practice for over 25 years, Dr. Thrower is known among his colleagues as a trend-setter within this field of dermatology, thanks to his highly-successful moisturizers, skin treatments, and hair products. With patent-pending formulas created for the unique properties of African Americans, Hispanics and people of mix backgrounds, Dr. Thrower’s products have gained quite a reputation and a niche in the ever competitive beauty industry.

Miami is a uniquely diverse city with a population that rivals New York for its diversity, eclecticism and emphasis on appearances. When you have Madonna and Bruce Willis as your neighbors you need to look great. In the generation we are currently immersed in, appearance is a pivotal aspect of one’s being.

Dr. Thrower philosophy of practice and his products all begin with an understanding of total health and total appearance to address this aspect of culture in South Florida.  A healthy way of being begins with basic care to improve skin and body, and provide an age-less appearance.

Dr. Thrower’s Oily Solution Kits are specifically catered towards those with different skin types to assist clients in achieving clean, healthy skin and youthful appearance. For his hair products Dr. Thrower also focuses on hair regrowth and options to strengthen the overall look and feel with his shampoos, conditioners, and Regrowth Solutions. Available only at his Miami Springs offices, Dr. Thrower’s products make for a major reason his practice has become one of the most renowned in the nation.

With an innovative approach to treating his patients that offers things like free quizzes to find one’s skin type, Dr. Thrower develops care and treatment uniquely for each patient’s body and skin properties.

Products like the Total Solution Kits and the Therapy Shave Oils combine medically-proven research with an elegant approach to body and hair care that combines luxury with comfort for patients.

It might be safe to call Dr. Thrower the first dermatologist to combine the luxury approach to health and beauty care for minority patients of diverse backgrounds, a landmark accomplishment indeed.