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roberto de guevara girl in blue

Photo by James Perolls

Roberto de Guevara of Colorado Springs is going places. The much-traveled lecturer and efficient breathing specialist is in high demand around the world. The founder of Respiras is also the consultant of choice for many companies and organizations including the United States Army.

The Respiras System

The Respiras system includes a 5-Step regimen designed to get patients optimized within their breathing and within their approach to living. Mr. de Guevara created the system as a way to impact the mental and physical health of his patients in a positive way without the need for medication or invasive procedures like balloon sinpulasty.

Mr. de Guevara’s program is the recipient of many positive reviews and testimonials:

Being pain free without drugs gives me an overwhelming liberating feeling of joy.

“I am so thankful for Dr. Corr’s willingness to think outside the box and to Respiras for giving me hope and more importantly RESULTS! Respiras is like no other program in the world. I highly recommend it.”

-Melinda F. (Colonel (Retired) United States Army)

The Importance of Proper Breathing

Medical Industry Analyst Pavan Vaddey explains the rise in breathing studies within medical circles and journals:

“It’s become abundantly clear that there is still so much for us to learn when it comes to the impact of breathing and airflow, particularly as it relates to allergens and chemical toxins that constrict nasal passages. I think people like Roberto de Guevara are really tapping into creative and much more health-conscious approaches to a total view of the importance of proper breathing in relation to overall health.” 

Respiras Founder Roberto de Guevara

While more than 78 million Americans across the country suffer from some form of constricted breathing brought on by allergies, medical conditions, anatomical issues and a lack of exercise, the philosophy and thinking behind Mr. de Guevaras emphasizes efficiency, lifestyle changes and a new consciousness with regards to how we process each breath. Breathing Health is now a mainstream medical concern.

The question of maximizing breathing efficiency is one that encompasses everyone from professional athletes and military personnel alike. How a football or hockey player processes air flow and maximizes the intake of oxygen can make the difference between winning and losing.

A New Way to Think About Health

As a lecturer and consultant Roberto de Guevara travels to various locations across the world to speak with entities in the public and private sectors. His expertise in treating the overall physical and mental health of his patients with a uniquely energetic and philosophical approach has been embraced by many companies and individuals.

The benefits of proper and efficient breathing to overall health include reducing the risks of heart attacks, strokes, and other serious conditions while eliminating or reducing snoring and losing weight.

The question is not whether proper breathing helps us. The question is how much it helps us and how greatly it increases life expectancy. Mr. de Guevaras sees his mission as an educator as much as a health expert:

“The most gratifying aspect of being an educator for me is teaching others the principles of good health through healthy and efficient breathing. When I see how my patients’ lives improve in every way it brings me great joy.”