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For many attorneys, court reporters play an important role in their work every day. They offer new tools to help work on cases, and they also support attorneys in the courtroom as they present their cases to juries.

Court reporters also support lawyers in new ways, bringing innovative technology into the law firm, offering solutions to the unique challenges facing today’s attorneys.

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) has positioned itself as the indispensable resource for lawyers seeking the finest court reporting services wherever their cases take them, offering scheduling on an international scale that gives the lawyer unprecedented latitude.

Building an Indispensable Network

Back in 1983, five of the country’s leading court reporting companies became the hub of this organization that now boasts more than 50 court reporting firms in cities across the country. These firms are thoroughly evaluated to ensure that when lawyers schedule services through NNRC, they are working with top court reporters across the country and in some locations internationally.

Travel places unique demands on today’s lawyers.

Casework is presenting new challenges. Some types of legal work, particularly in the civil arena, can require a great deal of travel to bring together the diverse elements that make a good case. Travel can place demands on attorneys, taking time to get to and from the location and also finding a team that can support working lawyers anywhere in the country.


A robust network of court reporting firms can be the solution, enabling lawyers to work remotely as well as giving them access to the services they need when they choose to work in-person away from their practices. That is where NNRC shows its value to attorneys, by offering an assembled network of court reporting firms that can provide support for remote work or travel, allowing lawyers to work with confidence that they have partnered with experienced, technologically savvy court reporting professionals.

Top court reporting companies offer a wide range of services to help lawyers through each phase of their casework. New technology and exponential advances in connectivity have allowed lawyers to manage information and work on their cases in new ways. Distance used to equal time spend traveling, but new tools allow lawyers to bridge any distance.

Technology Based Solutions

Videoconferencing and other multimedia-based tools are essential for today's lawyers.

Videoconferencing and other multimedia-based tools are essential for today’s lawyers.

From videoconferencing and realtime reporting to help lawyers save time to online repositories to offer accessibility, these new approaches to legal work can help enhance the lawyer’s ability to apply their time and talents to their cases. Many lawyers are also taking advantage of multimedia presentations in the courtroom, specifically the power of video. This is allowing them to reach jurors in new ways that keep the juror engaged in the lawyer’s arguments.

Innovation to Help Lawyers Serve Their Clients

More and more lawyers are seeing the advantages of connecting themselves with a network of skilled court reporting professionals. It frees lawyers to work in new ways and better serve their clients. The innovation and experienced offered by NNRC has allowed the network to position itself as a powerful asset for lawyers taking on today’s complex cases.