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Obesity can take a major toll on a person’s lifestyle and overall mental wellbeing. When the weight gain is persistent, a person can grow depressed, despondent, and unable to do the activities they used to love.

Obesity in America

According to a recent study conducted by The State of Obesity, over 33% of adults living in Texas are obese. This percentage has remained consistent in recent years, and Advanced Weight Loss is looking to lower that number and help Texans lead healthier lives.

At Advanced Weight Loss, Dr. Eubank has utilized his many years of experience as a gynecologist, along with his research into robotic surgery and urogynecology, to find the best medical weight loss method for everyone in Corpus Christi and beyond to lose weight and take back their lives.

As a member of the American Society of Clinical Research Professionals, Dr. Eubank is always studying the human body and its functions in order to discover new techniques for treatment, and it is with this clinical and research-tuned eye that he discovered this revolutionary new method for weight loss.

Dr. Eubank, a native Texan, knows how greatly issues of obesity are impacting South Texas, which is why his office in Corpus Christi has worked tirelessly to find the most effective methods for weight loss.

The Advanced Weight Loss Method

At Advanced Weight Loss, Dr. Eubank began the Serotonin Plus Program, which focuses on genetic makeup, brain chemistry, and hormonal differences between men and women in order to find the most effective way for people to lose weight and keep the weight off.

Dr. Eubank was inspired to create the Serotonin Plus Program based on his research into the relationship between chemicals in the brain, specifically neurotransmitters, and a person’s overall well-being. He considered everything from their mood to their food cravings and came up with an interesting result.

In his research, Dr. Eubank found that when a person is lacking proper Serotonin levels in their body, they tend to crave carbohydrates, binge-eat, and suffer from depression.

This led to the creation of The Serotonin Plus Program, which involves taking Serotonin supplements along with an individualized weight-loss program that focuses on behavioral and lifestyle modifications.

Within the Serotonin Plus Program, Dr. Eubank determined that weight loss for women needs to target what is going on internally, from hormonal differences to genetic makeup, in order to create an effective weight-loss plan specifically for women.

Once he focused on how men and women lose and gain weight differently, he decided to create a weight-loss plan that would allow women to safely lose weight and keep the weight off. This is one major factor in the decision to create individualized plans; not only is each person different, but professionals can more closely curate each person’s plan so that they can have their best chance to lose the weight for good.

The Corpus Christi Community

Corpus Christi is populated with wonderful people who care about their community, and Dr. Eubank wants to ensure that they are also taking care of themselves, and at Advanced Weight Loss, he has seen participants lose an average of 35 pounds in twelve weeks.

Advanced Weight Loss has seen their clients make the choice to take care of themselves and improve their life for not only themselves, but their family and community as a whole.