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Among Salt Lake City court reporters, Tempest Reporting stands out as one of the oldest and most prestigious firms in Utah. Court reporting is a longstanding business, and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Though often overlooked by the media, court reporters are an incredibly valuable and important part of a legal team. Full transcripts of hearings and depositions not only factor how an attorney proceeds with a case, but even a judge’s final decision. A good court reporter is essential to a winning case.

Nowadays, many court reporting firms are owned and operated by a larger corporation. This results in several companies being run the same way, all with the same standards, sets of rules, and protocols. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but many times, larger management leads to lower quality customer service and less individualized treatment of clientele.

Tempest Reporting is different. After 30 years of being a successful court reporting firm in Salt Lake City. Among Utah court reporters, Tempest Reporting is of the last firms still independently owned and operated. Ariel Mumma, the firm’s founder, built Tempest Reporting on a vision of providing the highest-quality reporting services, as well as utilizing the most up-to-date technology for their clients. They entirely understand the tight deadlines and the competitive legal environment, and their services are tailored to it.

Tempest Reporting became one of the first companies to deliver transcripts by email and offer videoconferencing. They were also among the few in Utah who offered services out of state—because they feel a law professional in need of a court reporter should not be limited to their area.

With these firsts under its belt, Tempest Reporting clearly knows that people need more than top-tier court reporters. This is why a variety of litigation services—videoconferencing, conference rooms, litigation support, and more—are available for any law professional to book. Their quick and dedicated court reporters specialize in a vast number of areas of practice, because helping as many people as possible is what is important to this firm.

To contact Tempest Reporting or to book a service, call 801-521-2222, email them at, or visit their offices.

175 S Main St #710 Salt Lake City, UT 84111