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When businesses make headlines, it is always the same types—food, retail, oil, or legal services, just to name a few. One would think these industries as the most lucrative in the landscape of business, and while they certainly are successful, they are not the end-all-be-all of business. There are plenty of small business industries whose services sell like hotcakes, and whose clients come back to time and time again. Here are ten of those fringe small business industries you never knew were so hot.

1.Court Reporting

When the legal industry comes into question, court reporting is rarely the first, second, or even third profession that comes to mind, but it is the backbone of the field. Court reporters put together cohesive transcripts of the legal proceedings of a court room or deposition—allowing attorneys to have what was said in an easy to read format. The National Network Reporting Company serves as a database for the top court reporting firms across the world, allowing attorneys to book a service with confidence.

2. Medical Procurement Companies

We take for granted the supplies clinician use to assess our health. They don’t just magically appear in our doctors’ hands, so where do they come from? This is where procurement companies come in. Small businesses like Academy Medical use their connection to the federal government to supply medical facilities with top-tier equipment from high-quality vendors at reasonable prices. Without them, the medical industry could not function.

3. Medical Weight Loss

Weight loss is a deeply personal, difficult journal. Medical weight loss doctors make that experience a little easier. With an array of weight loss alternatives—from diet and exercise plans, to SculpSure, to dietary supplements—skilled clinicians like Dr. Dale Eubank from Advanced Weight Loss can help their clients reach their weight loss goals and achieve the best version of themselves.




Dr. Dale Eubank, Corpus Christi weight loss doctor

4. Copywriting

When students graduate from college with English degrees, people always ask “What are you going to do with that?” Little do they know that copywriting is a highly valuable field. All businesses need a copywriter at their disposal who can write about the company in articulate ways other professionals may not be able to. These professionals can be hired fulltime, or can work through companies like Upwork, who set up professionals with quality freelance writers.


Credit: writingandthinking

5. Funeral Homes

Though we normally don’t think of funeral homes as lucrative businesses, they most certainly are. It doesn’t matter what year it is, or how far technology has come, we will always need funeral homes. And these services aren’t cheap either. Caskets alone can cost $10,000 a pop. Though perhaps it isn’t the most joyful profession, it is one that will make employees a good salary.

6. Social Medial Influencers

Though not normally thought of as a small business, that is exactly what social media influences are running. Once a following is established, these professionals can make as much as $100,000 a post. How? Ad revenue and brand deals. Audiences feel closer to online influencers than traditional celebrities, and can be easily swayed to buy a product. Marketing teams have taken notice, and pour a lot of cash into these professionals.



Credit: ABA for Law Students

7. Accounting Services

A similar case to funeral homes, just (moderately) less morbid. For many of us, dealing with our finances is far too daunting to take on alone. No matter how horribly or wonderfully the economy is doing, people need accountants to ensure that all their ducks are in a row. According to Entrepreneur, the accounting industry is always a top performer when it comes to small businesses.

Credit: The Balance Small Business

8. Real Estate

Though this business is far more dependent on the state of the economy, real estate agents have the opportunity to make a great deal of money. It also requires significantly less training than many professions—as a hopeful real estate agent only needs a certain amount of hours in real estate classes to obtain their license. When agents combine this with flipping houses, they can really rake in cash.

Credit: The Balance Small Business

9. CBD Products

At the moment, CBD is incredibly trendy. This strain of cannibas does not make the user high, and many businesses parade it as a cure-all for any number of ailments. There is a space for just about any professional in a company that sells CBD products—writers, businessmen, you name it. Though it is not legal in all 50 states just yet, many have exceptions for medicinal use.

10. Micromobility

There are a number of ride sharing apps, and as these develop, so do options for urban transportation. People want to get around their cities quickly, but in ways that don’t harm the environment and are cheaper than owning a car. From hoverboards, to electric powered bikes and scooters, these businesses are increasing in popularity more and more every day.

Credit: Swagtron