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The Internet has transformed nearly every aspect of business. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, now mobile components of internet sales make up for an ever-expanding percentage of business transactions.

We don’t usually think of the legal profession as a business subject to the principles of sales and marketing but that doesn’t mean attorneys and ancillary professions like court reporters are not impacted by the very same new technologies.

Hanna Reporting, a firm based in Houston, Texas, is among those daring and forward-thinking new legal firms that has embraced the future. While most legal professions are often more conservative in how they function than say consumer electronics or app-development companies are, Hanna has taken the lead in their market with a savvy system of social media marketing combined with mobile booking capabilities and other technologies.

The Houston court reporters have become an industry leader thanks to their 24/7 booking engine which allows attorneys to schedule depositions from anywhere in the world at any time and from any device connected to the Internet.

By making their website and social media accounts conducive to scheduling services, the firm has developed a strong following and list of clientele across the country.

The business and industries associated with law practices vary according to type and the specific service. What they all have in common however is a special relationship to tradition and the formalities of business protocol. With the evolving standards of decorum and technological abilities prevalent in our world today, the companies and firms that adapt faster to new technological developments are the ones most able to benefit.

This foresight is one of the critical components of Hanna Reporting’s success.