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With great criticism leveled at Republican lawmakers for crafting a healthcare bill drafted and consulted on solely by white men, today’s political leanings may be a bit of a deception. Don’t think what you see on CNN in Washington D.C. is standard operating procedure in today’s America. The truth, particularly as it pertains to political figures in state, county and municipal governments, is actually far more interesting.

Prominent women of diverse backgrounds at the top levels of American government include California Senator Kamala Harris, United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, and Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

Since 1964, 67 women of color have served in the United States Congress.

For politics at the statewide level in Florida, Barbara Sharief represents a true American success story that combines a dedicated history of entrepreneurship with public service. Ms. Sharief is currently the Mayor of Broward County and among the rising political stars in the Sunshine State. There have been many in the insider world of state and federal politics that believe Ms. Sharief is headed upwards in the political ladder of the American political scene.

Recently featured in a variety of online and print publications such as Medium, PBS, and many others. Ms. Sharief, an African American Muslim, is a successful business owner whose family has a strong record of charitable work within the Fort Lauderdale and Broward County communities.

The future of America is diversity. The beauty of American history resides in the global cultural origins that unite towards a common American identity and the belief in a pluralistic society. This belief is a central component of America’s success in integrating diverse religious beliefs, cultural viewpoints, and economic vibrancy.

Politicians like Barbara Sharief are among those who counter the narrative that American politics is owned and operated by white male powers. The truth is much more complicated and while Congress, the Senate, and state-level bodies of government do not reflect the diversity of the United States population, the trends are moving in the right direction for both main political parties.