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Who said court reporters are boring? The truth is that the legal profession in general is a bit conservative and often slow to adapt to changing customs, technologies and trends across the business world the way say, a cell phone producer or graphic designer might.

But there is a difference between “traditional” and “conservative”. For Anderson Reporting, the Columbus court reporters who provide services to some of the biggest law firms and attorneys in Ohio, adapting is part of the company’s ethos. While maintaining many traditional business practices by nature is just par for the course in the legal world, for Anderson Reporting it goes hand in hand with staying ahead of the competition by adapting to and exploiting premium technological evolutions that other companies might be reluctant to embrace.

Gayle Anderson, President of Anderson Reporting

For example, the company’s website,, is a mobile-friendly and dynamic online court reporting resource full of tips, news about cases, and information about the Columbus, Ohio legal community. Of course a law firm or paralegal can book a service but offering a mobile booking engine with 24/7 response time is a rarity in the legal world.

Founder and President Gayle Anderson addresses her company’s relationship to new digital and technological challenges:

I realized early on that we had to be a different kind of court reporting firm. I felt that new challenges like mobile friendly web features and digital video streaming had to be embraced rather than feared. The initial investments are considerable but the long-term return on investment was well worth it for us. 

Not only does Anderson Reporting provide state-of-the-art digital live streams of depositions and videoconferences, the firm also includes transcription and real time reporting as standard services. The Anderson website even publishes articles designed to help fellow court reporters, such as its “Three Tips to Help Your Court Reporter” article.

In an age when fewer and fewer companies think ahead more than six months, Anderson Reporting represents the very best of the fusion between old world business values and forward-thinking strategic employment of technology.