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Court reporting is an often-overlooked field. In court-room shows, or even televised court-programs, all we know about a court reporter is that they sit in the corner typing. However, those in the legal field know that a good court reporters is a quintessential to component to a successful case. It is important to have a proper and accurate transcription of the case for attorneys and judges to look back on when making final decisions about a case. Court reporters must undergo training to be familiar with a number of terminologies that may come up in court, so that their accounts are as easily understood as possible.

Abrams, Mah, & Kahn (AMK) Reporting in Irvine, California take the business of court reporting as seriously as it should be taken. This is why AMK Reporting is frequently turned to by top law professionals in search of Orange County court reporters.

The Only Litigation Source Necessary

As all good court reporting firms should do, AMK Reporting offers a wide variety of litigation services to fulfill their client’s many needs. On top of officering some of the best court reporters in the state of California, AMK Reporting provides litigation support, video conferencing, transcriptions, interpreting, and more. AMK Reporting is also proud to provide emergency deposition scheduling, special accommodations for high volume cases, and nationwide scheduling.

Booking is easy with AMK’s online scheduling service. All a client has to do is fill out their contact information, details about the case, and submit the request. In order to allow a client the confidence that their request has been received, AMK Reporting sends a confirmation email within an hour of the scheduling. Nuances like these are what separate AMK Reporting from other Los Angeles court reporting services, and make them a premiere reporting service in the area.

Quality Guaranteed

AMK Reporting’s affiliation with the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) allows clients to confidently book a litigation service. The NNRC boasts the best court reporting companies not only in the nation, but the world. To become a member, firms must undergo a strict and in-depth vetting process to guarantee accuracy, timeliness, and phenomenal customer service. With these three details a prominent foundation of AMK Reporting’s business model, their acceptance into this prestigious database of firms only solidifies them as a leading court reporting service that guarantees results for their clients.

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