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Most of us are responsive to our bodies’ needs. When something hurts or doesn’t feel right for an extended period of time, we get it checked out. That being said, there is a part of us that is often neglected, despite how important it is: our feet.

We take our feet for granted until they are in a lot of pain. Feet serve as shock absorbers, stabilizers, and a major portion of our mobility. They are full of tiny bones and muscles that are crucial to their overall function. Just like any other body part, our feet should be carefully monitored so they function as well as possible.

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When a problem arises, don’t wait it out. Set up an appointment with the best podiatrist in your area. A podiatrist is a physician and surgeon who treats problems involving the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg. These doctors go through extensive training to fully understand the intricate structures of the foot and provide their clients with the best assistance possible.

Podiatrists like Dr. Anthony Weinert have dedicated their lives to podiatry care. Since 2001, Dr. Weinert and his staff at Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute have helped solve thousands of patients suffering foot, ankle, and heel pain. Out of all the podiatrists in Troy and Warren, Michigan, few have numbers like this. Stop Feet Pain Fast is one of the first accredited foot surgery specialty centers in the state of Michigan.

The Stop Feet Pain Fast mantra of “happy feet for a happy life” is far more than a business slogan. Dr. Weinert believes the foot is the foundation of the entire musculoskeletal system. As a result, he has an uncanny ability to link foot problems to underlying conditions in the body. Other doctors don’t (or perhaps, can’t) makes these important connections. Patients of Dr. Weinert receive far more complete care than they would anywhere else.

“My life has changed remarkably with Dr. Weinert!” one patient says. “He was the first doctor who found the root cause of my chronic foot, knee and back pain. His HyproCure procedure for Flatfeet is truly life changing and a true miracle. Thank you for giving me my life back.”

Half of the battle to proper foot health is education, which is why Dr. Weinert lectures and trains the residents in the Metro Detroit area. He is the go-to expert for many radio, television, internet, and print outlets for foot health and wellness. For those who want more in-depth information from the doctor himself, there are many options. Dr. Weinert is the author of three podiatry books—Stop Feet Pain Fast – A User’s Guide to Foot & Ankle Health, The Sole Doctor’s Guide to Happy and Healthy Feet, and Whole Foot Revolution. He even hosts the “Happy Feet Radio Show,” the first iTunes podcast dedicated solely (no pun intended) on foot health and wellness.

Dr. Weinert’s passion for the people make him one of the best podiatrists in Michigan. Where other doctors stick to a script, Dr. Weinert isn’t afraid to attempt more holistic approaches, because he knows solutions other than surgery and pharmaceuticals can sometimes be exactly what the doctor ordered. With this approach, he believes he is “Changing the world one step at a time.”

For more information on Dr. Weinert and Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute call (248) 362-3338, fill out this contact form, or visit their offices in Troy and Warren, Michigan.

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