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(West Palm Beach, Florida) November 5, 2019

Mark Shalloway, President of elder law firm Shalloway & Shalloway, is pleased to announce his latest newsletter. To Mark Shalloway, education is key to choosing the best legal options for oneself, or a family member in need. To help promote education about the changes in elder law and its adjacent fields, Shalloway and his staff post regular newsletters about policies and other updates. His latest newsletter covers the “Funeral Rule,” which was put in place by the Federal Trade Commission to regulate how funeral providers provide their services.

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The Rule states that funeral providers must give customers an itemized list of funeral goods and services, so that no surprise expenses pop up and negatively impact the customer. Funeral providers who violate the rule may experience hefty fines and court orders. Learn more about the rule, its enforcement, and potential criticisms people may have of the rule.

Shalloway’s concise rundown of the Funeral Rule allows customers to better understand if a funeral provider is attempting to take advantage of them, and how to correct it. Half of the battle is preparation. Part of Shalloway’s mission is to ensure everyone is well educated.

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But Shalloway’s mission for educating the masses doesn’t stop at newsletters and blog posts. These supplemental materials allow readers to inform themselves in the comfort of their own home, but auditory aids can be more beneficial to some. Mark Shalloway understands this need. It’s why he offers free seminars in Palm Beach County every month. These seminars encompass a variety of topics surrounding elder law– from passing assets, to planning for long term care, to avoiding the cost of probate, and so much more. These seminars are invaluable resources to anyone who chooses to attend them.

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