(West Palm Beach, Florida) March 3, 2020

The Sophia Group is pleased to announce their latest publication—Visionary Sophia. The publication serves as a place for readers with great minds to find long form, stimulating pieces about a variety of topics. The publication will profile people, places, trends, businesses, and other cultural phenomena in a way that makes each piece current and timeless all at once. Whether one is looking for insight on global happenings, businesses, or individuals, there will always be something for a visionary reader on Visionary Sophia.

Sophia Group President, George Magalios, explains the development of Visionary Sophia:

Visionary Sophia is our way of providing a platform for long form articles that range from philosophy to reviews and analyses of all aspects of our cultural and business practices. The advertising free publication is designed for those with a long attention span.”

The Sophia group fuses unique vision and wisdom in every aspect of business. Everything the company does strives towards long-term success ethically. Visionary Sophia is yet another step in The Sophia Group’s path to wisdom for all.

For more information on Visionary Sophia and The Sophia Group, email success@thesophiagoup or call (877)825-9020.