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When one thinks of Miami, what comes to mind? White, sandy beaches. High fashion. Palm trees. Summer all year long. A fast paced, high energy night-life. It makes sense that these are the highlights one considers off-the-bat. It’s what one sees on the television and hears about in music.

But the city of Miami is so much more than these factors. It is a melting pot of cultures. Foodies can find some of the best bites in the state, if not the country, on these streets. Artists from across the globe find some of the most compelling exhibits in the country. The weather might entice people to visit, but it is these aspects that really stick in one’s mind.

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It is rare city’s legal scene is even considered– but just like the above factors, the Miami world of law is just as bustling. As one of the most populous cities (and surrounding counties) in Florida, attorneys from all areas of practice come to Miami to practice and support the variety of industries. From entertainment, to maritime, to workers comp, to personal injury and everything in between, there is a need for every type of attorney in the Magic City.

Given that they work in such a fast-paced environment, attorneys don’t have time to take on some of the finer details that make up litigation support, and they certainly can’t sit around waiting for that litigation support need to be fulfilled. When they call upon outside resources to fulfill their litigation support needs, they don’t just need that service to be fast, accurate, and reliable. They expect it.

Fast, accurate, and reliable service is what made Laws Reporting  Miami’s most distinguished court reporting firm. 45 years ago, firm founder Paula Laws saw a need for litigation support that attorneys could rely on every time. Too often did court reporting firms not uphold a set standard of business, which frustrated clients. Paula Laws didn’t think that was right. As a result, she developed a firm that provides attorneys the services they require with the technology it needs to be successful.

Nearly half a century later, Laws Reporting has cemented itself as the go-to court reporting firm in Miami-Dade County. Attorneys have come to expect the big-city resources the firm offers along with the support competitors can’t meet, because it isn’t the services themselves that keep clients. It’s the support clients get that brings people back time and time again.

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“Laws Reporting is our primary court reporting company,” one client says. “Our hearings, depositions, and trials are carefully handled by professional court reporters and transcripts timely delivered. We find Laws’ staff accommodating and friendly. Our IT requests to conduct virtual proceedings are efficiently addressed by Laws Reporting. We value their services and our relationship with them.”

This isn’t to say that Laws Reporting’s services isn’t among the best of the best in the state. The full-service litigation support firm offers so much more than skilled Miami court reporters, because as technology has changed and updated over the years, so have the needs of their clients. Laws Reporting always does what it can to incorporate these ever-changing standards into their business. As a result, the firm is proud to offer the latest in legal video, remote depositions, records retrieval, and more.


Laws Reporting is there for their clients at every step of the legal process. They are happy to make the discovery process easier. They can serve as the neutral mediators clients need to avoid court. They offer interpreters for six languages. They can even transcribe the audio of an event they were not present for.

Whatever attorneys needs, Laws Reporting can deliver. This is what has slated the staff as the resource for all things litigation that attorneys really need.

For more information on Laws Reporting and their services, call (954) 581-4010, email, or visit their offices.

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