In the retirement mecca of South Florida, people move from all over the country and across the world to enjoy the state’s climate and low taxes. For most, living in the Sunshine State can be a dream, but without proper financial planning, that dream can turn into a nightmare for people in their golden years. Thankfully, some respected law firms, such as Shalloway & Shalloway, P.A., cater to the needs of folks in their later years, helping them get the treatment and care that they deserve and have earned. For more than three decades the west palm beach elder law specialists at Shalloway & Shalloway have helped people across Palm Beach County make the most of their retirements and prepare for the unexpected challenges that arise later in life.

Unanticipated disability that leaves one without income can prove highly stressful and even catastrophic to a person’s financial situation. If someone does not have savings, loved ones or charitable friends to turn to in the event of a disability, the loss of the ability to work often puts a person in a deep financial hole. In such an event, people can turn to Medicaid, but getting approved for Medicaid often takes a long time and requires the help of professionals who know how to navigate the system. Shalloway & Shalloway’s experienced palm beach medicaid lawyers help individuals, families and couples apply for and qualify for Medicaid as quickly as possible, helping people affected by a disability regain financial stability.

Shalloway & Shalloway, P.A., also works with the families of special needs children to provide for these children if something happens to the parent or caretaker. The firm’s florida special needs trusts lawyers have experience drafting wills, trusts and other documents to financially support their kids in their absence, a subject of the utmost importance.

Lead attorney Mark Shalloway also helps individuals who become disabled retain their money through special needs trusts. If someone receives money from the settlement of an injury that leaves him or her disabled, a special needs trust can protect this money from being taxed, and Shalloway can help the person qualify for Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid. These trusts can be set up to provide for disabled individuals and allow them to have comfortable financial lives.

Shalloway & Shalloway specializes in working with seniors and their families to ensure that their needs are met. This can include long-term planning such as long-term care insurance and establishing living wills and advance directives.

Long-term care insurance, an often-overlooked form of insurance, fills a large gap left by traditional health insurance. This form of insurance covers care for activities of daily living (ADL), including bathing, dressing and using the toilet, that become difficult for many people as they deal with old age, chronic disease and disability. People who have experienced conditions such as stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and dementia can greatly benefit from having in-home nursing care paid for by long-term care insurance. This care often allows people to live in their own homes longer rather than needing the services of a nursing home or long-term care facility, leading to improved quality of life.

Advance directives consist of speaking with clients and their families to spell out exactly what the clients want in their later years. Putting it in writing can resolve disputes among spouses and children about clients’ wishes for the end of their lives, including who has power of attorney, do not resuscitate (DNR) orders and orders for life-sustaining treatment. Although sometimes painful, families typically honor the wishes of their loved one.