Since 1985, the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC), a network of independent court reporting companies, has provided excellent litigation and trial support services to lawyers and attorneys across the United States and overseas. Over the years, the NNRC’s member companies have become leaders in their respective markets and standard bearers in the court reporting industry.  These companies offer a wide range of services to help attorneys and lawyers win their cases.

When legal professionals need to find professional united states court reporters, they can turn to the NNRC for help in locating top court reporting companies wherever their legal work may take place. Member companies have referred clients to other member companies for assistance with depositions when clients have had to travel out of the area. The NNRC offers a free database of member companies that lawyers can access to find a court reporting firm that works in the region where the trial will take place.

The member companies of the NNRC collaborate to help their legal clients succeed with some remote services. At their state-of-the-art offices, the member companies offer videoconferencing, as well as u.s. remote depositions, which allow lawyers to interview witnesses and gather testimony from individuals who might not have the ability or means to testify in person.

Although NNRC has become almost synonymous with court reporting America services, the network’s companies do much more than just court reporting. They also provide legal videography services for lawyers across the United States, Canada and Europe. These companies thrive in trial presentation, helping attorneys stage compelling arguments at trial with PowerPoint presentations, computer animation, printed trial boards, documentary videos and more.

Of course, the member companies of the NNRC specialize in court reporting services, providing accurate and timely records of court hearings, depositions, mediations and other types of legal proceedings. Many of the member companies boast decades of experience in the industry, with some of the owners of these companies having worked in the court system itself.

The NNRC has member companies in most states as well as Canada and several European countries. For example, Bain & Associates Court Reporting Service, Inc. covers the State of Alabama for NNRC, while Coash & Coash, Inc. covers the State of Arizona. Alaris Litigation is the NNRC member serving the Fayetteville, Arkansas region.

Due to its huge geographic size and population, NNRC relies upon several member companies to serve the California market, including Behmke Reporting in San Francisco, Carol Nygard & Associates in Sacramento and the greater Bay Area and Peterson Reporting, Video & Litigation Services in San Diego. A number of companies work in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, including Abrams, Mah & Kahn Reporting Services. In Colorado, Agren Blando Court Reporting & Video, Inc. provides legal support services for clients across the state. Summit Court Reporting, Inc. serves the State of Delaware.

In Florida, two NNRC member firms handle the state’s legal support needs – Laws Reporting Services Inc. in South Florida and Ryan Reporting in Central Florida. Lyon Reporting, Inc. handles court reporting duties in the State of Georgia for the NNRC. McCorkle Litigation Services serves the City of Chicago on behalf of the NNRC. The aforementioned Alaris Litigation also serves the Champaign, Illinois area. In Indiana, Stewart Richardson Deposition Services provides legal support services for lawyers and attorneys across the state. Susan Frye Court Reporters is the name to turn to when in Iowa. Alaris Litigation also works in Kansas City.

In Kentucky, Coulter Reporting, LLC performs court reporting services in the state’s biggest cities on behalf of the NNRC, while Associated Reporters, Inc. handles these responsibilities in Louisiana. CRC Salomon handles court reporting duties on behalf on the NNRC in Maryland and the District of Columbia.