Hanna & Hanna: “Hanna & Hanna Reporting, a Houston-based court reporting company, has decades of experience, providing lawyers and attorneys in America’s fourth-largest city with unsurpassed legal support services, including remote depositions, court reporting, videoconferencing, legal videography, real-time internet streaming and more. Call Hanna & Hanna Reporting at (713) 840-8484 to discover how this leading Houston court reporting firm can help you and your law firm succeed in “Space City.”

The firm is open five days a week, Monday through Friday. Hanna & Hanna helps legal clients collect testimony remotely with its remote deposition services, which has become more important during the pandemic.”

The Houston court reporters have succeeded in creating a unique and highly efficient online booking system with a mobile-friendly scheduling form that is first rate for its industry. The scheduling form is a complex and richly-layered way for attorneys and paralegals to schedule services as varied as legal videography, conference meetings or depositions.

Kelly Hanna, Co-Proprietor, comments on her firm’s form and scheduling approach:

“After many months of research we engaged our web and scheduling team to make the easiest and most beautiful scheduling form that fit easily into the view of all types of devices when our site was loaded. The result enabled our clients to book us faster and with more details about the types of service they required. It’s made a big difference for our court reporters and our clients.”