With two office locations across South Texas, Dr. Dale Eubank and his team at Advanced Weight Loss and Rejuvenation offer clients numerous treatments to enhance their appearances and boost their self-esteem. People can visit Dr. Eubank, a Board-certified gynecologist with more than 25 years of experience at his Corpus Christi office or his second facility in Portland to learn about the multitude of ways that Dr. Eubank helps women and men improve their looks and how they feel about themselves. With its medical weight loss formula, Advanced Weight Loss and Rejuvenation has become one of the leaders in the industry for helping men and women shed pounds and keep the weight off.  The firm also features treatments for facial rejuvenation, urinary incontinence, vaginal rejuvenation, hormone replacement therapy and more. Dr. Eubank stays up on the latest advances in wellness and health and strives to bring these breakthroughs to his patients as quickly as possible.

Dr. Eubank and his staff have helped scores of clients achieve long-lasting weight loss through his medicine-based approach to dieting and weight loss. Dr. Eubank and staff meet with clients to develop customized plans for losing weight, which will include an exercise program, a diet and a regimen of vitamins, nutrients and supplements that aim to suppress appetite and boost metabolism. Dr. Eubank’s program combines these treatments with coaching to encourage clients to make permanent, healthy lifestyle changes that will enable them to maintain their desired weight. More than 1,600 clients have lost s combined 40,000 pounds of weight through Dr. Eubank’s methods.

Dr. Eubank’s safe and effective approach uses injections of nutrients and vitamins to “jump-start” the fat-burning process, promote better overall health and reduce clients’ appetites. The injections, called the “Lipo Plus Mix,” contain several nutrients, including methionine, inositol, choline, carnitine and B12, antioxidants which promote the burning of fat in the body. Choline and hydroxocobalamin, another nutrient in the mix, promote healthy nerve cells. Components of the Mix like Riboflavin (B2), Thiamine (B1) and carnitine improve clients’ metabolism, helping them turn fat into energy.

Dr. Eubank and company offer cutting-edge treatments for facial rejuvenation, body-sculpting, vaginal rejuvenation, urinary incontinence and hormone therapy.  Clients can quickly stop in to undergo a ThermiSmooth procedure, which is used to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles in the face.  Advanced Weight Loss and Rejuvenation also offers SculpSure, a non-invasive treatment for eliminating fat cells under the skin. The clinic offers THERMIva, a treatment for restoring and reviving feminine wellness. To treat urinary incontinence, the clinic now features Emsella. Dr. Eubank and his staff also offer bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for men and women, helping them to feel younger.

Interested clients can visit Advanced Weight Loss and Rejuvenation at one of their two offices to see how Dr. Eubank and his team can help them look and feel their best. In Corpus Christi, the office is located at 5920 Saratoga Blvd., Ste. 110B. The phone number for this office location is (361) 906-1112. In Portland, Tex., Dr. Eubank has opened a second office at 1302 Wildcat Drive, Suite A. The phone number for this office is (361) 977-2033. Note that not all services are offered at the Portland office. Please call for additional details.


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