Serving an ever-growing portion of the American populace and filling a gap, elder law attorneys across the United States assist their clients with an array of legal needs. Forty years ago, the field of elder law had only just begun, and national certification for elder law attorneys had not yet taken hold. Today, in places with large concentrations of elder people across America, places like Arizona and South Florida, these lawyers help clients with the various (legal) obstacles that they face at this stage of their lives.  Elder law attorneys work with clients on issues such as Medicaid planning, wills, trusts, guardianships and much more.

In retirement meccas like Palm Beach County, many seniors find themselves struggling financially. With people living longer lives, many wind up outliving their savings. Elder law attorneys can help clients with estate planning in West Palm Beach, configuring a plan for clients to have enough money to live on and while leaving money to their heirs. These lawyers also assist clients with qualifying for Medicaid benefits, among other legal services provided. The services of these legal professionals have become increasingly in demand as seniors look for ways to stretch their retirement savings. These professionals help seniors qualify for Medicaid benefits to pay for medical expenses in their later years, and employ different strategies to shield their clients’ assets from the taxman.

When medical conditions or diseases render seniors unable to make medical decisions for themselves, a legal process known as guardianship comes into play. Guardianship lawyers in Palm Beach County help loved ones such as adult children to become responsible for their parents’ medical care in places like West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter and Wellington.

As more Americans age into retirement, the demand for the services of elder law attorneys seems poised to grow. The Baby Boomer generation is hitting retirement age in droves.

According to news reports, scams and financial exploitation schemes targeting seniors have risen sharply in recent years, as many unscrupulous and dishonest people have tried to take advantage of older Americans across Florida and nationwide.  Seniors can even fall victim to financial abuse from caregivers in their homes such as nurses and aides or caregivers in facilities such as nursing homes and long-term rehabilitation centers. Now, more than ever, seniors need advocates to look out for their financial interests and, when necessary, fight for them.

South Florida, home to a large population of retirees, has unfortunately seen its share of financial abuse and exploitation of the elderly. In Palm Beach County, seniors can turn to top elder law attorneys in west palm beach to fight back against scams and fraud. Leading firms such as Shalloway & Shalloway, P.A., located in West Palm Beach, have decades of experience fighting for the rights of seniors in the area. These firms can help elder Americans protect their assets in numerous ways, including with various types of trusts.

Trusts can prove very useful when it comes to qualifying for Medicaid. Seniors and their families in Palm Beach County can seek out the services of medicaid planning lawyers in palm beach to find out more about the process of getting on Medicaid, which often takes a long time and often features numerous setbacks. These lawyers often provide invaluable advice on the steps that individuals, couples and families need to take to qualify for benefits as expeditiously as possible. Medicaid planning attorneys in Palm Beach guide their clients through the process, advising them on which forms to complete and the deadlines that they have to meet.

Elder law attorneys in West Palm Beach can help you or your loved ones if you have fallen victim to financial exploitation.  Call 561-686-6200 today for a free consultation.


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