The unrelenting impact of inflation on Americans’ pocketbooks has hurt everyone over the past year, especially those people on fixed incomes, such as retirees. For this reason, many seniors in retirement meccas like South Florida and Arizona have turned to elder law attorneys to help them manage their affairs, and in some cases, qualify for government aid.  Elder law lawyers in West Palm Beach work closely with senior clients to plan monetary matters, protect clients’ assets and much more.

These same legal professionals can also assist clients to obtain government benefits. Medicaid planning attorneys in Palm Beach guide clients through the often lengthy and convoluted process of obtaining Medicaid benefits. Such attorneys advise clients how to legally move assets to become eligible for Medicaid, a government program that provides access to health care for low-income individuals. Disabled seniors can qualify for Medicaid benefits by transferring their assets to spouses through trusts, such as a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust (MAPT).

Medicaid planning lawyers in Florida can also advise clients about “spousal refusal,” a legal concept that entitles the spouse who has not applied for Medicaid to refuse to pay for his or her applicant spouse’s medical care. Only two states, Florida and New York, allow spousal refusal. Lawyers who specialize in Medicaid planning can guide clients on the proper steps to take to take advantage of this loophole and secure Medicaid benefits.

In addition to obtaining Medicaid benefits, elder law attorneys across the United States help seniors with other financial matters. These legal professionals assist older Americans with financial planning, the writing of wills, estate planning and more. They can help individuals and families purchase long-term care insurance policies, which pay for services such as in-home nursing care and care at facilities like nursing homes and assisted living facilities. These legal professionals also represent and defend seniors against financial exploitation and nursing home abuse.


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Full-Body Wellness

Full-Body Wellness

Credit: The Healthy Many wellness clinics specialize in one aspect of the body-- be it facials, tummy-tucks, or weight loss. This is a fine way to operate one's business, but it can be frustrating for the client. Finding a doctor that one gels with can be a long,...

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