The Sophia Group Announces the Publication of Visionary Sophia

(West Palm Beach, Florida) March 3, 2020

The Sophia Group is pleased to announce their latest publication—Visionary Sophia. The publication serves as a place for readers with great minds to find long form, stimulating pieces about a variety of topics. The publication will profile people, places, trends, businesses, and other cultural phenomena in a way that makes each piece current and timeless all at once. Whether one is looking for insight on global happenings, businesses, or individuals, there will always be something for a visionary reader on Visionary Sophia.

Sophia Group President, George Magalios, explains the development of Visionary Sophia:

Visionary Sophia is our way of providing a platform for long form articles that range from philosophy to reviews and analyses of all aspects of our cultural and business practices. The advertising free publication is designed for those with a long attention span.”

The Sophia group fuses unique vision and wisdom in every aspect of business. Everything the company does strives towards long-term success ethically. Visionary Sophia is yet another step in The Sophia Group’s path to wisdom for all.

For more information on Visionary Sophia and The Sophia Group, email success@thesophiagoup or call (877)825-9020.

How to be a Giant in the Court Reporting World

Credit: Ozark Radio News

Court reporting is a quintessential part of the world of law. Where attorneys are the face of the legal industry, court reporters are the backbone. These legal professionals are responsible for documenting the proceedings of a court room or deposition on a stenograph. The machine records words phonetically, and when knowledgeable with it, the user can record over 200 words per minute. Someone without these skills wouldn’t be able to record even half those amount of words—and certainly not with the same accuracy as a certified court reporter.

Credit: Times Square Chronicles

Timeliness, accuracy, and efficiency are key aspects to the job. With such a difficult job on the hands of attorneys and paralegals, it is crucial court reporters remove some of that stress by providing quality service. The world of law is fast paced, and attorneys and paralegals need services completed quickly. Their transcripts need to be as perfect as possible to ensure that justice is swift. These documents need to be delivered in the proper format, so no time is wasted on the attorney’s end.

In Columbus, Ohio, one court reporting firm truly knows what this responsibility all means. For decades now, Anderson Reporting has been an independently-owned and operated court reporting firm. While some may not realize the advantage to working with an independent firm, there are clear differences when it comes to this type of ownership. With a firm like Anderson Reporting, clients receive fantastic customer service and commitment, no matter how big or small the case. The staff recognizes clients as individuals, not numbers that rack up a paycheck. With firms owned by a mega-corporation, clients will not receive anywhere near the same attention to detail that they receive from Anderson Reporting.

It is her dedication to the fine details and customer service that inspired firm president Gayle Anderson to open her own court reporting firm. She understands the grind legal professionals work through in the world of law, and it was her mission to make that grind a less strenuous. Each Columbus court reporter is among the best court reporters in the nation, allowing clients to schedule a service without having to worry about whether or not that service will deliver on each and every one of their needs.

But Anderson Reporting is much more than a court reporting firm. On top of offering a variety of court reporting specialists to better serve a number of areas of practice, Anderson Reporting is a full-fledged litigation firm. Clients can come to Anderson for any litigation service under the sun. In need of quality legal videography? Anderson has you covered. What about trial presentation? Anderson can help you with that. Media writing solutions? That’s not a problem for Anderson Reporting.

Credit: LawTrades

For decades now, Anderson Reporting has been the reporting firm that attorneys and paralegals can trust with each and every one of their cases. As one of the founding members of the NNRC, clients will work with some of the most timely, accurate, and efficient reporters in the country.

For more information about Anderson Reporting, call (800) 753-0289, email, or visit their offices.

1421 West Third Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212

How Law Firms are Using Social Media to Reach Their Clients

Credit: First Legal

Nowadays, there are few people who don’t have at least one social media account. From Facebook, to Twitter, to Reddit, to Tumblr, it almost seems like we can’t avoid it—and many of us don’t. The little computers in our pockets keep us updated on our friends, family, favorite celebrities, local events of interest, and so much more.

Credit: Atlantic Communications Team

In this day and age, the biggest mistake a law firm can make is veering away from the bandwagon and not establishing an online presence. Instead of picking up the phone and calling the business to learn more about their services, many opt to a quick Google search. If a firm doesn’t at the very least have a well-designed, easy to use website, potential clients turn the other way. It doesn’t matter how brilliant the staff is or how long the firm has been open. Clients don’t want to search for proof of excellence, they want it evident.

West Palm Beach elder law attorney, Mark Shalloway, not only understands this concept, but fully embraces it. With just a few clicks of a button, potential clients can find information on Shalloway and reviews of his firm, Shalloway & Shalloway. His easy to access website presents clients with information on the firm, its staff, its reputation, and any updates involving the area of practice that is elder law. The website presents information in a concise manner that is incredibly valuable to the busy professional of the 21-century.

But hosting a great website is only half the battle. It is essential that firms push their names into the public. Many turn to radio or television commercials, and that is just fine, but there is a great alternative that saves time, money, and is used by billions of people every day—social media.

The staff at Shalloway & Shalloway run a successful Facebook page. With a large number of followers, the firm’s attorneys can easily connect to potential clients. Running a social media account allows them to share updates as they come. When the firm moved locations about a year ago, they were able to keep clients posted on the process, the location, and anything else involving the move b ecause of their Facebook page.

Having one (or multiple) social media accounts allows the faceless attorneys of a firm to become humanized.

“There is intimidation and fear with booking with lawyer,” Mark Shalloway says. “If referred by someone else, that is a helpful resource, but if they need an elder law attorney, there is a lot of worry and fear.”

A vast majority of people have skewed images of lawyers, but having a presence on social media has allowed the staff at Shalloway & Shalloway paint themselves in the light they want to be painted, thus fostering better client relationships.

Credit: Impact Staffing Group

Social media is not only great for public image, but for generating business. When you follow a page, its posts appear on your timeline, keeping the company in your radar. By having a readily used social media, clients will remember the firm, and come back to whenever the need arises. With their Facebook page alone, Shalloway & Shalloway has seen an increase in business, and other firms should certainly take heed.

For more information on the firm, visit their website, their Facebook page, or their offices.

1400 Centrepark Blvd, Suite #600, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Be Glamorous with Salon Sima

Credit: mybeautybreeze

There is never a time of year in south Florida where citizens can regularly hide behind hats and coats. With year-round temperate weather, you can generally get away with just a shirt and shorts. But where is the fun in that?

Perhaps that is why there is such a massive culture surrounding beauty and glamour on these white sandy beaches. In south Florida, residents are well known for their breezy fashion and bronzed skin, but glamour is more than that. People want to be pristine from head to toe.

Credit: Look Beautiful

In Boca Raton, there is a salon that provides the people of south Florida just that. Salon Sima is a unique, boutique salon that offers a wide array of services to help clients look and feel beautiful. Owner and operator Sima Sara is a renowned international colorist. She holds a standard of professional hair color and design that is leaps and bounds above many salons in the area. Nothing at Salon Sima is ever mass-produced. Her goal is to properly represent the client’s inner self through individualized cut, color, or extension services. Each cut and color is tailored specifically to the client’s needs. Sima utilizes top-shelf products that she knows will not only make a client’s hair as beautiful as it can be, but as healthy as it can be.

“Sima is the only person who I trust with my color!” one customer says. “I have been going to her since I was 15. 10 years and 5 cities later I still make an appointment every time I come to visit my parents. Living in big cities on the east and west coast, this is still the best place ever for hair color. My mom, sister, and best friend all come here. Whether you want natural blonde highlights, a total color change, or corrective color, you can trust Sima.”

Credit: Weekly Sauce

The team at Salon Sima approaches their work with the same level of dedication. Each stylist is Vidal Sassoon educated, ensuring quality technique, but that is not where their education ends. Since styles and trends change at the drop of a dime, Sima’s staff continually receives advanced training. This keeps their skills fresh and offers clients the best salon services and treatments in the business.

There is a motion towards organic beauty products on the rise, but that does not scare Salon Sima. In fact, they embrace it. Alongside their long-standing, high-quality professional hair care, Salon Sima actively strives to integrate organic products. This is a massive wave in the hair care industry.

Credit: Clean My Space

While color, cuts, and treatments are staples at Salon Sima, the salon offers so much more. Here, clients can have a head-to-toe makeover. The salon offers manicure, pedicure, waxing, threading, makeup, and even bridal services. No matter which beauty service a client chooses, they are always met with friendly, competent staff, and the results they want.

When a client walks into Salon Sima, they are immediately greeted by a warm, welcoming staff. The location itself is pristine and high-end, but the atmosphere is comfortable.  At Salon Sima, all are welcome.

For more information, call Salon Sima at (561) 395-1344, fill out this contact form, or visit the salon.

6063 SW 18th Street, Suite 104, Boca Raton, FL 33433

Court Reporters: The Unsung Heroes of Legal Teams

Credit: The Forward

Procedural dramas idolize attorneys. It makes sense why this is the case– attorneys are the one to stand in front of a group of people and demand justice. Engaging television demands compelling dialogue. At times we may see stories about judges, perhaps even jury members, but this is usually where the line draws. If one didn’t know better, they may think this was the extent of those involved in the legal world, when it is far more complex than that.

Credit: Stidham Reconstruction

Bailiffs, security, paralegals, videographers, and so many more professionals are highly involved in each case even if it doesn’t take place in a courtroom. And while attorneys are the legal professionals who really progress a case, there is a key element to their legal teams that is often forgotten about, despite how crucial they are to a case’s inner workings. Who are they? Court reporters.

Court reporters are professionals who transcribe legal proceedings into an easy to navigate document. Laymen may think that anyone could be a court reporter, but this is not the case in the slightest. The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) has a strict set of standards that all potential partners must meet in order to be accepted among the rankings of top court reporting firms across the world. To even be considered as a partner, court reporters must be able to type over 200 words a minute with an accuracy rate of at least 97.5 percent. Their transcripts must always be delivered as timely as possible. Their technology must be top-tier. Their customer service must be responsive and ethical.

These are the baseline requirements to become a partner of one of the most prestigious court reporting organizations in the world– but how did the NNRC achieve their best of the best title? In 1983, firms across the nation were beginning to realize how many of their competitors weren’t providing anything near to what their clients needed from them. They wanted to provide help to these attorneys and paralegals, but international guidance seemed impossible. So instead of taking matters into their own hands, these five leaders in the court reporting industry came together to form the National Network Reporting Company.

Since then, the NNRC has served as the backbone to cases of all sizes across the world. Dozens of customer-oriented, technologically advanced court reporting firms across the world belong to this network of professionals. This means that no matter where an attorney travels, be it to Los Angeles, California or London, England, they can hop on the NNRC’s site, schedule a service, and receive the same level of professionalism they would at home. It doesn’t matter which NNRC partner clients end up with. They will always be set up with the best of the best.

Credit: Regal Court Reporting

“I don’t think people realize just how valuable a good court reporter can be,” CEO of NGOTechnologies, Jasel Patel, says. “Reporters can make a case successful. The NNRC finds the best of the best reporters in the industry and puts them in one, easy to locate database. Attorneys and paralegals can be confident they are scheduling a quality service through the NNRC every time.”

For nearly 40 years, the NNRC has been there for attorneys and paralegals across the globe. Specialized area of practice? The NNRC has professionals who are fluent in that special field of law. Need more than just a court reporter? The NNRC proudly offers an extensive body of litigation services— from videographers, to realtime reporters. No matter what an attorney needs, the NNRC can provide quality services.

For more information on the NNRC, call (916) 451-9187, email, or visit their Folsom office.

950 Glenn Drive, Suite 150 Folsom, CA

Mark Shalloway Announces Latest Newsletter

Credit: Murphy & Berglund

(West Palm Beach, Florida) November 5, 2019

Mark Shalloway, President of elder law firm Shalloway & Shalloway, is pleased to announce his latest newsletter. To Mark Shalloway, education is key to choosing the best legal options for oneself, or a family member in need. To help promote education about the changes in elder law and its adjacent fields, Shalloway and his staff post regular newsletters about policies and other updates. His latest newsletter covers the “Funeral Rule,” which was put in place by the Federal Trade Commission to regulate how funeral providers provide their services.

Credit: NearSay

The Rule states that funeral providers must give customers an itemized list of funeral goods and services, so that no surprise expenses pop up and negatively impact the customer. Funeral providers who violate the rule may experience hefty fines and court orders. Learn more about the rule, its enforcement, and potential criticisms people may have of the rule.

Shalloway’s concise rundown of the Funeral Rule allows customers to better understand if a funeral provider is attempting to take advantage of them, and how to correct it. Half of the battle is preparation. Part of Shalloway’s mission is to ensure everyone is well educated.

Credit: Caring Village

But Shalloway’s mission for educating the masses doesn’t stop at newsletters and blog posts. These supplemental materials allow readers to inform themselves in the comfort of their own home, but auditory aids can be more beneficial to some. Mark Shalloway understands this need. It’s why he offers free seminars in Palm Beach County every month. These seminars encompass a variety of topics surrounding elder law– from passing assets, to planning for long term care, to avoiding the cost of probate, and so much more. These seminars are invaluable resources to anyone who chooses to attend them.

For more information on Shalloway & Shalloway, call (561) 686-6200, fill out this contact form, or visit their office.

The Importance of Podiatry

Credit: West Idaho Orthopedics

Most of us are responsive to our bodies’ needs. When something hurts or doesn’t feel right for an extended period of time, we get it checked out. That being said, there is a part of us that is often neglected, despite how important it is: our feet.

We take our feet for granted until they are in a lot of pain. Feet serve as shock absorbers, stabilizers, and a major portion of our mobility. They are full of tiny bones and muscles that are crucial to their overall function. Just like any other body part, our feet should be carefully monitored so they function as well as possible.

Credit: Reader’s Digest

When a problem arises, don’t wait it out. Set up an appointment with the best podiatrist in your area. A podiatrist is a physician and surgeon who treats problems involving the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg. These doctors go through extensive training to fully understand the intricate structures of the foot and provide their clients with the best assistance possible.

Podiatrists like Dr. Anthony Weinert have dedicated their lives to podiatry care. Since 2001, Dr. Weinert and his staff at Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute have helped solve thousands of patients suffering foot, ankle, and heel pain. Out of all the podiatrists in Troy and Warren, Michigan, few have numbers like this. Stop Feet Pain Fast is one of the first accredited foot surgery specialty centers in the state of Michigan.

The Stop Feet Pain Fast mantra of “happy feet for a happy life” is far more than a business slogan. Dr. Weinert believes the foot is the foundation of the entire musculoskeletal system. As a result, he has an uncanny ability to link foot problems to underlying conditions in the body. Other doctors don’t (or perhaps, can’t) makes these important connections. Patients of Dr. Weinert receive far more complete care than they would anywhere else.

“My life has changed remarkably with Dr. Weinert!” one patient says. “He was the first doctor who found the root cause of my chronic foot, knee and back pain. His HyproCure procedure for Flatfeet is truly life changing and a true miracle. Thank you for giving me my life back.”

Half of the battle to proper foot health is education, which is why Dr. Weinert lectures and trains the residents in the Metro Detroit area. He is the go-to expert for many radio, television, internet, and print outlets for foot health and wellness. For those who want more in-depth information from the doctor himself, there are many options. Dr. Weinert is the author of three podiatry books—Stop Feet Pain Fast – A User’s Guide to Foot & Ankle Health, The Sole Doctor’s Guide to Happy and Healthy Feet, and Whole Foot Revolution. He even hosts the “Happy Feet Radio Show,” the first iTunes podcast dedicated solely (no pun intended) on foot health and wellness.

Dr. Weinert’s passion for the people make him one of the best podiatrists in Michigan. Where other doctors stick to a script, Dr. Weinert isn’t afraid to attempt more holistic approaches, because he knows solutions other than surgery and pharmaceuticals can sometimes be exactly what the doctor ordered. With this approach, he believes he is “Changing the world one step at a time.”

For more information on Dr. Weinert and Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute call (248) 362-3338, fill out this contact form, or visit their offices in Troy and Warren, Michigan.

Troy Podiatry

Office 230 W. Maple Rd., Suite 101, Troy, MI 48084

Biggest Questions About the Court Reporting Industry

Credit: National Court Reporting Firms

Court reporting isn’t rocket science, but some seem to think it is. To those unfamiliar with the line of work, court reporting is seen as an odd part of law probably more involved with journalism than the legal proceedings. In actuality, court reporting is the process of recording what was said, how it was said, and who said it during a deposition or trial. This can be done in realtime, or afterwards through transcription.

Portland court reporting firm, Beovich, Walter & Friend developed a page on their website that answers the top questions people have about court reporting, and the industry as a whole. After being in business for over half a century, it is safe to say that BWF has a solid understanding of the court reporting industry.

Couldn’t a regular person type up what was said as it was said? Absolutely not. According to the BWF FAQ, Court reporters use a specific machine to called a stenograph (or steno-type, or even steno-machine) that is similar in function to a regular keyboard, but is vastly different. Instead of being laid out in the usual QWERTY format, steno keyboards are laid out phonetically. To properly record a word, they must press a number of keys at the same time.

And becoming a court reporter isn’t exactly easy. After going through schooling, court reporter hopefuls must take a certification course that further illustrates the professional’s ability. According to BWF, court reporters must be able to type over 200 words a minute with an accuracy rate of 97.5 percent to pass this rigorous examination.

At the very least, court reporters must past their state exam, or the National Court Reporting Association’s (NCRA) Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) exam. In many states, court reporters must be registered in whichever state (or states) they plan to practice. To be truly competitive, however, BWF Reporters suggest that court reporting professionals further their education and receive additional certifications.

Take firm president, Julie Walter, for instance. Over the course of three decades, Walter has secured three different certifications to make her a stronger asset to her clients. She is a Certified Shorthand Reporter, a Registered Professional Reporter, and a Certified Realtime Reporter. In Oregon and Washington, clients seek out her instantaneous realtime services, as well as her ability to provide same-day rough drafts, expedited delivery, and daily copy on demand.

The most prominent question people have doesn’t involve the technology of reporting, it involves the longevity. With the rise of tech, will court reporters be replaced by recording devices? According to BWF Reporters, this isn’t projected to be a problem. Recording devices have been around since the late 1800s, but court reporters are still a regular part of the courtroom to this day. Recording devices cannot distinguish between accents, terminology, who said what, and they certainly cannot format the proceedings in digital and text formats.

Court reporting is here to stay. When you need a court reporting service, make sure you are scheduling the best of the best professionals. In the Pacific Northwest, those professionals come from Beovich, Walter & Friend.

For more information call (503) 228-7201, email ,or visit their offices.

1000 SW Broadway, Suite 1660 Portland, OR  97205

Litigation Support Firms That Offer More than Just Court Reporting

Credit: Planet Depos

Perhaps, back in the day, it was standard to expect a litigation support firm to do one thing: court report. In fairness, when court reporting first became a standard part of legal proceedings in the 19 century, technology wasn’t as advanced. Attorneys didn’t need all the resources and tools they would now. All they needed was a qualified professional who could accurately record what was said, who said what, and how it was said.

Credit: Penn State University

Times have changed. These days, it’s common for attorneys to need court reporters, videographers, trial presentation specialists, and much more for their deposition or trial. They don’t have time to schedule a service from this and that firm—it cuts into the limited, precious time they have to work on their case. So, litigation support firms that offer nothing but court reporting are pushed to the wayside.

This can be a difficult thing for firms to accept. Even in central Florida, home to populous hubs like Orlando, many court reporting firms struggle to keep up with the changing tides. It has to be as frustrating to these businesses as it is to their would-be clients.

Credit: CTGConsult

“For some reason, many businesses aren’t as in-tune with their clients as they should be,” Jasel Patel, CEO of NGOTechnologies says. “It pays to listen to the needs of your clients—literally and figuratively.”

However, there is one standout firm that attorneys and paralegals in central Florida can rely on time and time again: Ryan Reporting. Since 1970—nearly 50 years of business—Ryan Reporting has served the Orlando area with dignity and dedication. Equally as importantly, Ryan Reporting offers far more than just court reporting.

Ryan Reporting offers not one, not two, but over 12 litigation services to fulfill each and every one of their client’s needs. Attorneys can book Ryan’s top of the line court reporting professionals just as easily as they can book translators, mediation scheduling, notary services, and conference rooms.

These Orlando court reporters specialize their services even further. While a timely, accurate, and effective court reporter is highly important to the health of a case, there can be issues if that court reporter is not knowledgeable of the field in with their attorney practices. At Ryan Reporting, that is not a problem. Their staff specializes in over a dozen areas of practice—from real estate law to education law—so to ensure they have the best understanding of the difficult terminology and nuances that come along with the field.

Credit: Bloomfield

Everything Ryan Reporting does is with their clients’ needs in mind. A happy client is a returning client, yes, but Ryan Reporting cares about their clients beyond that. They want these hardworking attorneys to be successful and are honored to be a part of that success.

For more information on Ryan Reporting, call (321) 636-4450, email, or visit their office.

1670 South Fiske Blvd, Rockledge, Florida 32955

Keeping Up With the Court Reporting Industry

Credit: Viking Mergers and Acquisitions

What has changed about the world of court reporting? Many professionals can agree on one aspect: everything. Over the past half century, just about everything has changed about the world of court reporting— the technologies used, what is expected from the professionals, and what is expected from the firm itself.

Court reporters should be able to type around 200 words per minute. They should be knowledgeable about the industry they are reporting for. They should have an accuracy rate of well over 90 percent. It is a tall order to fill for a good chunk of professionals, and unfortunately, businesses suffer as a result- that is, if they can even keep up in the first place.

Credit: Marketing Donut

These days, court reporting firms are expected to double as full-service litigation firms. The staff should have top-tier videographers at hand, offer streaming services, and so much more. When a company is unable to provide these (now considered) baseline services, can they really be expected to serve their clients with the respect they deserve?

In Houston, Texas—the largest city in one of the largest states in America—a court reporting professional that holds all these qualities is invaluable, yet seemingly hard to find. Attorneys and paralegals who have been in the legal industry for years know that there isn’t another court reporting firm to look towards than Hanna & Hanna Reporting.

Hanna & Hanna checks every box off. For decades, the name “Hanna Reporting” has been synonymous with quality customer service, mind-blowing speed, and unparalleled accuracy in reporting. The firm has worked cases big and small across dozens of areas of practice, and no matter the size, the staff at Hanna Reporting treat each client as if they are the only client—a sort of dedication that brings people back time and time again.

The firm proudly offers a variety of litigation services. Realtime reporters can be booked with a few clicks or easy call. Certified legal video specialists record crystal clear video and audio, and synch the transcript to the tape before returning it. They also provide realtime streaming, so that attorneys can connect with their legal team without leaving Houston.

Credit: Texas Historical Commission

“There aren’t better court reporters in Houston,” Julie Rehberg of Omaha, Nebraska says. “They work around the clock to make sure their clients have everything they need when they need it.”

Attorneys and paralegals can connect with Hanna Reporting easily. By calling (713) 840-8484, emailing the firm, or filling out this contact firm, clients can hear from Hanna in a matter of minutes. If a last-minute accident happens (and Hanna knows they do), clients can email at any time of day to receive a prompt call or email or call in return.  It really is that simple.

8582 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024