How American Businesses are Adapting to Life in the Coronavirus Age

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Individuals and businesses alike across the United States are being forced to adapt to the sudden changes in our world. Some full businesses have been forced to close and furlough their clients. Others are open at a limited capacity– be it only letting a certain number of customers in or only operating via delivery or pick-up.

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Some are still open “business as usual,” only it’s not quite “as usual.” Instead of operating from an office with a number of employees who see clients, many businesses are instead open remotely. They do their spreadsheets at their dining room tables. Their pet is now their partner at work. Instead of meeting with clients in person, they meet “face-to-face” via video-conferencing. While the change may seem odd to some, it was a necessary change across industries.

The the world of court reporting, litigation support professionals are turning to videoconferencing to help depositions still take place. In Miami, Florida, Laws Reporting offers remote deposition services to their clients to keep up with the promise that they would always be there to fulfill their clients’ needs. With their high-tech videoconferecing technology, clients can connect with their legal teams and court reporters with the same clarity as being there in person.

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“We promised our clients we would keep our services going 100% during the Coronavirus lockdown, and we have,” Laws Reporting President, Marti Vindal, says. “Our team works around the country and across South Florida remotely with the same commitment to meeting our deadlines and the high level of quality our attorneys demand.”

Videoconferencing services are key in this day and age. In West Palm Beach, Florida, top elder law firm Shalloway & Shalloway continues to offer client consultations via video or phone call. With the topics surrounding elder law being vastly important during this time, these conference calls are crucial to many.

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To help make sure clients are educated on the areas of practice surrounding elder law– such as special needs trusts, probate law, estate planning, and so much more– President Mark Shalloway offers monthly seminars on all things elder law. By utilizing Facebook Live, no one has to go anywhere. Past, present, and future clients can listen to the advice given in the comfort and safety of their homes.

Even wedding officiants are finding ways to serve the couples they will be marrying. In Boca Raton, Rabbi Robert Silverman is still doing all he can to prepare for his client’s special day. Be it email or phone call, whatever format the couple prefers, Rabbi Silverman is available for consultation. By working closely with the couples and truly getting to know they, Rabbi Silverman is able to craft an inviting and memorable ceremony that the couple will always treasure. In times such as these, crafting this sort of bone has never been easier.

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While our global crisis is terrifying, it happened in a time where we can function with some sense of normalcy. We haven’t lost our connection to others. The technology we have at our fingertips allows many businesses to continue to work in some capacity or another. The people who work to serve others can continue doing what their work was built to do.

Being a Destination Rabbi

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According to a 2012 Knot survey, the average destination wedding will cost the bride and groom around $20,000. While there isn’t a figure for 2019 at the moment, it is safe to say that the number has only gone up in the past seven years. With every service that has to be booked, it makes sense—the food should be good, the venue should be spotless, everything shipped over should have arrived precisely the way it was meant to. The couple and their planner have so much work ahead of them, it can easily make heads spin, and this doesn’t even cover a major point of contention—who will officiate the wedding?

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An officiant can make or break a wedding. They can bring an audience to tears, or bore an audience to sleep. An officiant is always a crucial part of one’s wedding, but doubly so for a destination wedding. Unless the couple is frequent visitors to said destination, more likely than not, they will be unfamiliar with the professionals in that area. That makes booking an officiant an unsteady path to tread.

In Cancun, the Yucatan peninsula, and all of southeast Mexico, there is one wedding officiant couples can count on. Rabbi Stephen Spiegel is known for making Jewish and Jewish Interfaith destination weddings absolutely magical. He produces a reputation of warm, personal, and inclusive wedding ceremonies that accurately reflect the couple.

Some ceremonies seem like a cut-and-paste template. This is never the case with Rabbi Steve. Over email, phone, or Skype, Rabbi Steve works to truly know both sides of the couple. Upon meeting, this instills a feeling of old-time friends as opposed to strangers (as many often experience during their destination weddings), and creates a warm, passionate ceremony. He injects details and anecdotes about the couple, adding a touch of personalization that will tug at the heartstrings.

With Rabbi Steve, couples can count on a ceremony they will never forget. As one of the most sought after rabbis in one of the most beautiful places in the world, a wedding with Rabbi Steve will turn out to be the most magical night of a couple’s relationship.

For more information, call (888) 593-8486, email, or fill out this contact form.