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Be Glamorous with Salon Sima

Be Glamorous with Salon Sima

Credit: mybeautybreeze There is never a time of year in south Florida where citizens can regularly hide behind hats and coats. With year-round temperate weather, you can generally get away with just a shirt and shorts. But where is the fun in that? Perhaps that is why...

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Creative approaches to industries new and old. Imaginers are business professionals and entrepreneurs from all walks of life thinking beyond the boundaries of their professions to make their businesses more successful and the world a better place.


Business Trend Watch explores new trends and takes a look back at old trends. Some trends are meant to last a few hours, some become classics. We look at everything from advertising and marketing techniques to how different brands utilize new approaches to technology.



We examine how businesses and professionals utilize techniques and technologies for creative approaches to their fields. BTECH is more than just a look at technology. We explore the how, the why and the what!


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